IAF Flying Ibex Squadron

IAF Flying Ibex Squadron

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Provided by Amos Dor


Provided by Amos Dor


David Weber

Gary Verver

Amos Dor (Flying-Wing Squadron)


Flying Ibex ( Goring Ram, Goring Deer ? )


1950 / 1956: flew Stearmans and Harvards, dis-establised sometime after that.

1977: re-established.

MAR 1986: dis-established.

2005: The squadron was inactive

Home Ports

1950s: Kfar Sirkin Air Base

AUG 1978: Hatzerim Air Base

Air Wings



Date Type First Received - - - - - - Type of Aircraft:

AUG 1978: Douglas A-4E Ayit

AUG 1978: Douglas A-4F Ayit

AUG 1978: Douglas A-4N Ayit


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Commanding Officers

1977: Lt.Col. Patishi


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Awards continued

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AUG 1978: Activated with A-4E, A-4F and A-4N.

01 APR 1979: The unit is fully operational.

24 APR 1979: The Flying Ibex Squadron flew its first missions against Palestinian artillery north of Tyre.

MAR 1986: The squadron is being dis-established and transfers it's A-4N aircraft to the Flying Tiger Squadron.

2005: The squadron was inactive.

Unit Photos

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Off-Duty Photos

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