NAS Chase Field

NAAS/NAS Chase Field, TX

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ATU-213 - 1958
Provided by Art Jorgensen
PHCS (Ret.)



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  • Unknown ------ Beeville Municipal Airport
  • 1943 - 1946 -- Beeville Naval Air Station (Leased - satellite field for NAS Corpus Christi)
  • 1952 - 1993 -- NAAS/NAS Chase Field
  • ATU-203, ATU-213 & ATU-223 were departments in the NAATC command structure until August 1960.


  • Unknown- - - Grumman F9F-8 Cougar
  • Unknown- - - Grumman F9F-8B Cougar
  • Unknown- - - Grumman F9F-8T Cougar

Commanding Officers

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  • I was stationed at Naval Auxiliary Air Station (NAAS) Chase Field, Beeville, TX as my first duty station right out of boot camp in 1958. I was a non-designated Airman Apprentice when I was assigned to ATU-213 and worked in the Planning Office. We kept track of airframe and engine hours on large Plexiglas boards and downed A/C for scheduled inspections (checks).

    We had not only F9F-8T’s but F9F-8B’s but also just F9F-8’s (straight eights). I believe we had a total of 89 A/C in ATU-213.

    At the time the ATU’s were departments in the air station command structure.

    Also on station were ATU-203 which flew F9’s and ATU-223 which had F11F Tigers. I am attaching a copy of my ATU-213 patch and two aerials of the air station. Beeville #2 has a flight of four ATU-213 F9F-8T’s with runways in the foreground.

    I wanted to be a Photographer’s Mate and trained at the photo lab at night. Just before the ATU’s were commissioned as VT’s I got a transfer from ATU-213 to the operations department photo lab. After the squadrons were commissioned I had to request a change of duty station via BUPERS and I transferred to Adak, AK in December 1960 and bid farewell to the Cougars.

    I retired in 1988 as a Senior Chief Photographer.
    Art Jorgensen, PHCS (Ret.)


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Aerial view of Chase Field

Aerial view of four ATU-213 F9F-8T Cougars over Chase Field.



  • Art Jorgensen, PHCS (Ret.)

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