The Training Squadron NINE - Tiger Nine was never assigned the Skyhawk. The Tigers were in the jet training pipeline teaching initial jet flight instruction for many Skyhawk pilots.

VT-9 Tigers - 1961
Patch drawn by Bud Southworth


  • No data to date


  • Tiger Nine


  • 1927: VT-9 commissioned as a torpedo squadron.
  • 15 DEC 1961: VT-9 Commissioned at NAS Meridian.
  • JUL 1987: dis-established.
  • 1 OCT 1998: Re-established.

Home Ports

  • 1961 - 199? - - McCain Field, Naval Air Station Meridian, Mississippi.

Air Wings

  • Yxxxx: Training Wing One (TW1)


  • None


  • 1961 - - NorthAmerican T-2A Buckeye.
  • 1968 - - North American T-2B Buckeye.
  • 1969 - - North American T-2C Buckeye.
  • 200x: T-45C Goshawk.

Commanding Officers

  • 20xx: Commander Garret Krause, USN>


  • December 15, 1961:
    Training Squadron NINE VT-9 established at Naval Auxillary Air Station Meridian, Mississippi, flying the North American T-2A Buckeye. VT-9 was staffed with personnel transfered from Training Squadron SEVEN.

  • December 31, 1968:
    Training Squadron NINE assigned the North American T-2B Buckeye.

  • April 30, 1969:
    Training Squadron NINE assigned the North American T-2C Buckeye.

  • August 2, 1971:
    Training Squadron NINE was split in half and a second squadron, Training Squadron 19 Attack Frogs, was established.

  • March 1971:
    The Navy switched training concept to parallel flow. VT-9 provided basic flight training in Transition, Precision Acrobatics, Basic Instruments, Radio Instruments, Night Flying, Formation Flying, Air-to-air Gunnery and Carrier Qualification.

  • September 1972:
    Training Squadron NINE was assigned the training concept of Basic and Advanced flight training.

  • 1975:
    Training Squadron NINE tasked with jet transition for Marine helicopter pilots.

  • 1975:
    Training Squadron NINE tasked with jet transition for Navy propeller pilots.

  • 1977:
    Training Squadron NINE tasked with jet transition for Spanish helicopter pilots.

  • 1982:
    Training Squadron NINE tasked with Grumman E-2 pilot training comprised of 68 training flights in the T-2C Buckeye.

  • JUL 1987: VT-9 was disestablished and consolidated with VT-19.

  • OCT 1998: VT-9 was reborn when VT-19 was re-designated VT-9.

  • 2002:
    Training Squadron NINE, still tasked with Grumman E-2/C-2 pilot training utilizing the Buckeye through 2003. Update (04/01/2002) provided by Jon Vanbragt, a pilot flying in VT-9.

  • JUN 2004: VT-9 conducts last Student Naval Aviator flight in the T-2C Buckeye.

  • Awards

    • 2005: CNO Safety "S" from CNATRA.
    • Two SEC NAV Meritorious Unit Commendations


    • Bud Southworth


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