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I got your name and email address from the SEMPER FIDELIS newsletter.  My husband is a retired 30-year Marine.


I am the Human Resources Manager at L2 Aviation in Dripping Springs, TX (southwest Austin).  I seek out USMC Veterans who are skilled in avionics.  Not sure if any of your members of USMC A4 Skyhawkers are seeking employment or know of other avionics Marines who are seeking employment, but I wanted to extend an invitation to those looking for employment to submit their resume to L2 Aviation.  The person does not need to live in the Austin area because they will report to work at their home airport to travel to where the aircraft is located. 


I will be happy to speak to anyone who is interested to give them additional information. 




Thank you very much for your time.



Best Regards,

Martha Barrack Martinez

Human Resources Manager


O: 512-894-3414 ext. 352

M: 619-985-4658

F : 512-858-0092




07JUL18 Update: The Marine side of the house is holding a Marine Skyhawker Reunion 1-4 November 2018 in Pensacola, FL. Our Reunion hotels, the P’cola Grand and Sole Inn, are sold out at this time but we do maintain a standby list. Registration is now active at Activities start with a Welcome Reception at the Grand on Thursday evening, 1 Nov. If you have any questions, or you’re not on our contact list and want to be, please contact our reunion POC Mark ‘Senator’ Williams at (copy/paste) or cell 425-327-6050. See you there! Hun sends.

“Marine Skyhawkers Reunion! 1-4 November 2018, Pensacola Grand Hotel, Pensacola, Florida! Make your reservations now! Call 850-433-3336, Ext 5526 or 5527, and say you’re part of the A4 reunion block reserved for Code A-4 S. Rate is $119/night. POC for the reunion is Mark Williams,, or (425) 771-2030. Opening event will be a reception at the hotel on Thursday, 1 November and registration information for the reunion itself will be coming out shortly!”



"99 Black Sheep
Steve Chapis, Associate Editor/Photographer for the Warbird Digest, is requesting input for a book on VMA-214 post WWII, F4U through F-35B.  Korea, post Korea, Vietnam and Desert Storm through Iraqi Freedom, etal is his target area for research.  Please contact him with appropriate input about your VMA-214 experiences, events, data, TINS, etc.  He can be reached at and 302-856-9355 or cell at 302-228-9648.”

A-4A 142227, Western Museum of Flight, Torrence Airport, CA
Restoration Crew Members Wanted

 Electrical/Pneumatic/ Hydraulic Experience, Metallic/Nonmetallic Materials Preservation
Sheet Metal Training, Painting Skills
Aircraft Maintenance Background
Contacts with Aviation Suppliers and Materials a major plus

Looking for Restoration Team Leader to Identify candidates and requisite skills.
 Plan and assign tasks in accordance with needs of the aircraft and team members availability.

Contact Cindy Macha, Museum Director, at


I have a photograph of a Douglas A-4 Skyhawk on Fisherman's Wharf in 1992, close to the USS Pampanito, which I have attached.....
This is definitely one of three A-4A's converted to recruiting tools at NAS Alameda. They carried the nose numbers 500, 501 and 502. 500 carried Bu 142220 ending up at Fighting Classics at Marana. That left two but NAS Jacksonvile and NAS Atlanta also had folding wing A-4A's. Of those, 142180 ended up at the former NAS Wildwood in a very faded Blue Angels scheme. This had no undercarriage and was mounted on a low loader, so we believe that this was not 501. 
Also, it is rumored that at least two of these machines were "bitzers", composite machines built from bits off the scrapyard. The fact that your machine did not carry a proper Bureau number, suggests that this was one of those.
I would suggest you log it as "108634"/501 including the inverted commas, with a c/n as unknown.
Regards, Steve Morley at   Also please contact with any info.


In this case the clue is the hinged vertical stabilizer and what appears to be a hinge fold on the upper wing surface indicating this is one of three A-4As with a folding tail and wings. One was used by recruiters in the Lemoore area and yours may be the one in this photo taken by Martyn Swann in 2011. The BuNo on the tail is 142220 which is an A-4A BuNo and may, or may not, be correct. BuNo 142220 spent a lot of its service time in CA, but was at NAS Memphis when it was dropped from the inventory and there is some information that it ended up at Fighting Classics in Marana, AZ.







Today's sentiment:

Here's to old, here's to new.
You may know me, I may know you.
But, for some we've never met,
It's a meeting you won't forget.

A-4's, they say, are Tinker Toys.
They say they're made for little boys.
But, alas, we no longer qualify
For our asses no longer will comply.

So, let's resolve to return and repeat
To gather, do business, drink and eat.
Be you civilian Navy or Marine
Together forever, there is no between.

Association Poet Laureate - "Bear".

NAS Cubi Point, Subic Bay Phillipines.


Skyhawk Association's suggested "Plan Of the Day".

[Restricted to old salts and die-hard leathernecks who have clearance from their flight surgeon.]

Original sketch by and courtesy of Hank Caruso


  • 06:00 = Roll-over and go back to sleep

  • 07:00 = Roll out of your rack and take a shower - please! Uniform of the Day is casual (must cover the "personal parts" of your body.)

  • 08:00 = Muster at the coffee shop, consume your breakfast while reviewing the events of the day so far.

  • 11:00 = Report for duty at your favorite aviation shop, museum, or outdoor display. Contemplate what needs to be done to maintain your good standing with the local aviation buffs, and consider an attempt to remember it for future reference.

  • 12:00 = Report to your favorite lunch establishment for coffee, sliders, and ice-cream.

  • 13:00 = Gather again with others interested in aviation for a discussion surrounding the differences of various time-frames in aviation history (the good old days), the merits of various aircraft in various mission scenarios, and the death of the "Happy Hour" as you remember it.

  • 16:00 = Happy Hour, where every attempt is made to resurrect happy hour as you remember it.

  • 18:00 = Report to your resident sick-bay for an attempt to recover from "Happy Hour".

  • 20:00 = Keep trying to recover.

  • 22:00 = Give up on a recovery, and hit the rack.

  • 22:00 to 06:00 = Dream of A-4 Skyhawks, and a OK3.


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