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Civilians Flying Skyhawks

IF you come across an A-4 Skyhawk, please submit, if known: Aircraft BuNo (Customers Serial Number), Manufacturers Serial Number, Current Owner and Location, Date Acquired, Purpose (i.e., Statc Display or Return to Flight Status), Estimated Completion Date, and Full Name and E-Mail Address of contact individual. Additional data and current photos are welcome. Submit data to

QUESTION: Where may I obtain low/no-cost A-4 Skyhawk replacement parts and pieces?
ANSWER:Sales and procurement of surplus US military aircraft are handled by AMARC (Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center) at Davis-Monthan Air Base, near Tucson, AZ.  Information on AMARC and how to do business with them can be found at AMARC Experience.

QUESTION: Where may I purchase parts for an A-4 Skyhawk I am restoring or maintaining?
ANSWER:Derco Aerospace, Inc., 8000 West Tower Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53223, and Kitco, Inc., P.O. Box 900, 1625 N. Mtn. Springs Pkwy, Springville, UT 84663, are licensed by Boeing to provide A-4 Skyhawk spare parts, technical drawings, and other manufacturing process data.

QUESTION:How can I obtain an A-4 Skyhawk for restoration or display?
ANSWER:Information on such items is best obtained via communication with other individuals or organizations (air museums, etc.) who have already been through that hoop. Static displays can be found in the "Display Page", [Skyhawks - Displays], see the page top menu.


Private Collections

FYI on privately owned Skyhawks: IF a/c is certified "Experimental Research and Development", it is in the category used for contract services, but is not allowed to fly in air-shows due to TFR. (Temporary Flight Restricted). Warbirds flown in air-shows are certified as "Experimental Exhibition".


Flying Skyhawk for Sale!

For Sale = TA-4J N518TA (IT is flying)
Pacific Aero: Don Keating, restoration by Mike McDougal of Fighting Classics Restoration of BuNo. 158486 c/n 14291.
Don also has parts for two more TA-4F/Js (153469 N670TF and 153484 N685TF ? )


Close to Flyable.

TA-4J Skyhawk
Price : $1,750,000, Location: Washington
Brief Description: Make an offer on this TA-4J with a nearly completed restoral, zero time engine, and primered ready for your paint scheme. This is a privately owned military aircraft. Details: 5407 TTAF, 0 SMOH Pratt &Whitney J52-P8B, Dual Collins VIR-22C, Dual Collins VIR-32C, Trimble 2101 GPS, Collins DME-42, Collins TDR-90 XPDR, ADF, Radar Altimeter, Dual Audio Panels, Standard fuel plus three auxiliary fuel drop tanks, Full anti-ice system, Full interior and exterior night lighting & strobes, Crew oxygen, Dual ejection seats (not presently armed, no pyros), Int. Standard military configuration and colors, Ext.Green primer ready for paint, Inspection Information: Hydraulic Fluid Analysis: 2007, L MLG, R MLG, Nose Gear Overhaul: 2006, Eddy Current, Wing Spar, Corrosion. Inspection: 2005, Flight Control Rigging: 2007. The aircraft was completely inspected in 2007 and is 90% restored. The engine has been completely replaced with a new J52–P8B as of July 2005. This engine is zero (0) timed and has not flown. It was provided by an OEM-licensed supplier. The engine has been run and needs final trimming. Aircraft to be sold as-is, where-is. Contact Info: Bob Fredriks Kent, Washington.
TA-4J Fredriks Pic1
TA-4J Fredriks Pic2
TA-4J Fredriks Pic3
TA-4J Fredriks Pic4
TA-4J Fredriks Pic5


Private Flying Skyhawks

Classic Fighters TA-4 BuNo 156925

TA-4J 156925 N7051J / 705LJ of Skyhawk 41 LLC Fl This Skyhawker is owned and operated by Doug Matthews, and his TA-4, 156925, joins an aircraft stable which includes a P-51, 2 F-86s, 3 Marchetti S211s, an F4U Corsair and a T-33. First flight was in the Fall of 2015.
Classic Fighters Org.


29MAR2014: BuNo 158128 N128TA TA-4J, North TX Regional.
BuNo 158128-former AeroGroup, then TADS, now ?
DEC 2015: FAA reg is 158128 N128TA, WELCOME L A (co-owned), John Douglas Monroe Washington DEC 2015: FAA registration says: 158128 N128TA, TA-4J N128TA SKYHAWK LLC VICTOR MILLER & MARK DANIELS 113 BARKSDALE PROFESSIONAL CENTER fer FCC c/n 14165

The Collings Foundation



Point of Contact = Squadron Duty Officer (SDO). Refer to the CONTACT LIST under "THE ASSOCIATION" drop down menu.



  • "The Collings Foundation is a non-profit, Educational Foundation (501-C3), founded in 1979. The purpose of the Foundation is to organize and support "living history" events that enable Americans to learn more about their heritage through direct participation. The original focus of the Foundation was transportation-related events such as antique car rallies, hill climbs, carriage and sleigh rides, along with a winter ice-cutting festival. During the mid-eighties, these activities were broadened to include aviation-related events such as air shows, barnstorming, historical reunions, and joint museum displays" The Collings Foundation



  • N245CF - TA-4J BuNo 153524, former Marine and Navy Test Pilot School aircraft.

Home Base(s):

  • Houston TX


  • The Collings Foundation is proud to announce that it has completed the acceptance of a McDonnell Douglas TA-4J Skyhawk from the US Navy. Known for its widespread use as a Navy and Marine combat jet in Vietnam, the Skyhawk is the fourth Vietnam-era aircraft operated and exhibited by the Collings Foundation in its Vietnam Memorial Flight. As a non-profit 501-C3 educational organization, the Collings Foundation plans to operate the TA-4 as a piece of "living history". It will be the only A-4 Skyhawk variant flying at air shows and special events nation-wide. Such a display together with the veterans who flew and supported the aircraft provides for a level of interaction with and an understanding of the airplane and its missions, far surpassing what a statically displayed plane can provide. The mission of preserving living history has been the focal point of the Foundation since its founding in 1979 and it encompasses 21 historically significant aircraft. Included are the F-4 Phantom, UH-1E Huey, B-17 Flying Fortress, B-25 Mitchell, F4U Corsair, A-36 Apache, and the only flying B-24 Liberator in the world. There are currently more Vietnam Era veterans alive than WWII veterans. The Foundation believes that it is time to say "thank you" to a generation of military personnel who have not been properly honored for the sacrifices they made over thirty years ago. By flying and displaying a TA-4 at special events across the nation, the Foundation will pay tribute to those who served and will educate younger generations about this important part in our American history. The Collings Foundation began its "Vietnam Memorial Flight" with its F-4D Phantom, a multi-use fighter plane flown by the Navy, Air Force, and Marines in Vietnam. The Collings Foundation is the only civilian organization in the United States authorized to own and fly a Phantom. In addition to the TA-4, the program for 2003 will expand to include its UH-1E Huey helicopter and S2F anti-submarine and patrol aircraft. As Foundation Founder Bob Collings notes, "We are honored and privileged to be able to share our Vietnam Memorial Flight aircraft with the public. The Skyhawk not only had a celebrated career, but a very distinguished group of pilots who flew them, including GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz, Senator John McCain, Congressman Duke Cunningham, Astronaut Pete Conrad, and many more notable Navy and Marine Aviators. Of course, it goes without saying that any successful operation requires the team work of pilots, ground support, logistics, communication, and many other personnel." The TA-4 is a dual-control version of the A-4 Skyhawk that was used to train pilots. It also served in combat as a Forward Air Control aircraft with the Marines, directing the fire of other jets in the combat area against enemy targets. The aircraft will be restored to flight-worthy condition over the next few months before it is flown across America and shared with millions. For more information please call 978-562-9182 or visit where there are photos and additional information.
  • The Collings Foundation’s TA-4J Skyhawk is available for air shows.
  • If you are interested in flying "IN" the Skyhawk, an unforgettable Flight Training Program is offered. (standard pilots license and 3rd class physical required). Contact Rick Harris with questions: 281-961-1062.
  • 24 APR 2006: 153524 N524CF Seen flying at Willow Run Airport
  • 05 AUG 2006: 153524 N524CF Seen flying at Willow Run Airport dressed as Marine "Playboy" TM-08.

Unit Photos

JUL 1989: Patuxent River Skyhawk BuNo 153524, parked on the ramp.
Pic 2
Gary Verver Collection

AMARC Munzenmaier Photo 10 OCT 2000.
22 OCT 2004: BuNo 153524 undergoing return to flight / phase inspections, soon slated for engine runs and FCF.
Collings Foundation

22 OCT 2004: BuNo 153524 undergoing return to flight / phase inspections, soon slated for engine runs and FCF.
Collings Foundation

JAN 2005: right front view of Collings Foundation Skyhawk BuNo 153524 taxiing by the photographer as she heads to Midland for painting. Up front is LCDR (retd) Jimmy "Swampy" Marshall and in the back cockpit is Capt.Bert Zeller USNR.
Rick Harris - Collings Foundation

Unit Photos


APR 2005: Collings Foundation Skyhawk BuNo 153524 being repainted in the markings of the H&MS-11 Playboys, TM-08.
Collings Foundation

MAY 2005: BuNo.153524 restored with a new paint job.
Collings Foundation

BuNo.153524 in the air.
Collings Foundation

BuNo.153524 in the air.
Collings Foundation

BuNo.153524 on the flight line.
Collings Foundation

NOV 2005: BuNo.153524 at the Blue Angel's Homecoming Show
Joe Turpen

  Date Unknown:
Collings Foundation BuNo 153524 in-flight, date unknown.
Photographer unknown, provided by Texomajack

AUG 2006:
Collins Foundation TA-4F BuNo 153524, AUG 2006.
Photographer unknown, from Gary Verver Collection.

According to Rick Harris ... I believe this shot of TA-4J Skyhawk BuNo 153524
was taken by Mike Gallagher at the Chanute Museum airshow, probably 2007.
Photo by Mike Gallagher. and Collings Foundation.

JUL 2009:
Dressed as "Playboy" TM-08, BuNo 153524 in-flight at Ellington TX.
Collings Foundation Photos from Michael Eberhardt

Nov 2009: "This is a flying TA-4J owned by the Collings Foundation. I took this picture at the Houston Airshow 11/09."
Ed "Howdy" Shipley

2011: He says: "Yes, I love her".

Pacific Aero Ventures LLC.



Point of Contact = Squadron Duty Officer (SDO). Refer to the CONTACT LIST under "THE ASSOCIATION" drop down menu.



  • Don Keating, CEO.
  • 149540 N220AT A-4L 12865: Pacific Aero Ventures LLC 656 W Lake Sammamish Pkwy NE Bellevue, WA 98008-4227. registration: 02/22/2005. Tail mated to TA-4J N518TA.
  • 148602 N215AT A-4L 12795: Pacific Aero Ventures LLC. Registered 02/22/2005. Wing and parts mated to TA-4J N518TA.



  • TA-4J N518TA
  • 13 JUN 2005: Douglas TA-4J Skyhawk Douglas Construction # 14291, BuNo 158486. Owner used construction number 14291, which is BuNo. 158486.
  • From three aircraft emerge one TA-4J.
    • 158486 TA-4J 14291 08/28/72 NPRO Long Beach, CA
    • 158486 TA-4J 14291 09/13/72 VT-24 NAS Chase Field, TX
    • 158486 TA-4J 14291 12/29/72 VT-25 NAS Chase Field, TX
    • 158486 TA-4J 14291 02/01/74 VT-4 NAS Pensacola, FL
    • 158486 TA-4J 14291 11/03/83 Stricken : 1S0
    • 158486 TA-4J 12795 04/14/10 Pacific Aero Ventures, LLC Bellevue, WA Marana, AZ, maiden flight.
    • N220AT
    • 149540 A-4L 12865 09/02/75 VC-12 NAS Oceana, VA
    • 149540 A-4L 12865 05/24/76 MASDC Davis-Mothan AFB,Tucson, AZ
    • 149540 A-4L 12865 05/29/78 Stricken : 3SO
    • 149540 A-4L 12865 08/28/00 DMI Aviation Tucson, AZ N220AT - Seen at yard
    • 149540 A-4L 12865 09/15/04 ATW Aviation Mirana, AZ Undergoing restoration.
    • 149540 A-4L 12865 Y2010 ATW Aviation, Mirana, AZ. Tail section mated to a TA-4J being restored,
    • 149540 A-4L Pacific Aero Ventures, LLC Bellevue, WA
    • N215AT
    • 148602 A-4L 12795 02/24/76 MASDC Davis Mothan AFB, AZ
    • 148602 A-4L 12795 05/29/78 Stricken : 3S0
    • 148602 A-4L 12795 Mirana, AZ Stored – Intended to be parts plane for Malaysia
    • 148602 A-4L 12795 09/15/04 ATW Aviation Mirana, AZ Undergoing restoration
    • 148602 TA-4J 12795 06/13/05 Pacific Aero Ventures, LLC Marana, AZ Wing mated to TA-4J (BuNo unknown) forward fuselage - Rebuild begins by Fighting Classics directed by Mike "Maj" McDougall

Home Base(s):

  • Mirana, AZ (KAVQ)


  • 604 Management LLC: We are operating a beautiful TA-4J and will be participating in the Centennial of Naval Aviation. We have flown to the Reno Air Races and Planes of Fame Airshow in Chino. We are one of two private civilian operators of a TA-4 (not counting ATSI). I have enough major parts to build another TA or even an OA-4. Mike McDougall of Fighting Classics Aircraft Restorations did our restoration under private contract with my company. Mike is the most knowledgeable and skilled A-4 technician on the planet in a "global" sense. He has gone through every inch of N518TA and will be refurbishing an A-4L in the next year. We are happy to entertain visitors and have quite a large collection of airplanes including an F-8 and 5 A-4s. Don Keating
  • June 13, 2005: A-4L BuNo 149540 (N220AT) aft fuselage and A-4L 148602 (N215AT) wing mated to TA-4J BuNo 158486 forward fuselage. Parts are used from both "Lima". Rebuild begins by Fighting Classics directed by Mike "Maj" McDougall. 23APR10: " were taken last weekend of the first five flights of a rebuilt, civilian-owned TA-4J in Tucson, AZ. A friend I met in 1973 when he was in the seventh grade has been rebuilding the Skyhawk for the last four and a half years. Mike McDougal was in my wife's Mission Viejo class when I was a 1Lt in 214. The bird is really in great shape now and flies like a dream, I was told by the FAA-designated check airman, a former Navy A-4 driver. He will present it to the public in May at the Chino, California, Air Show. For sale at $5.9 million, its a steal!!" Jim Atkings. APR 2010: On Sun, Apr 25, 2010 at 6:33 AM, James Atkins wrote: ".... you former Skyhawk Drivers, of the first five flights of a scrapped TA-4J rebuilt by a "kid" I met when he was a seventh grader in my late wife's English class in Mission Viejo, CA; I was a 1Lt in 214 flying Mikes. Four and a half years ago, my young friend, now 47, began buying scrapped A-4 parts, wings, aft and forward fuselages; you would be astonished at the magnificent aircraft he built. Flown this weekend by an FAA-designated check airman, the TA performed wonderfully with its P-8 engine. In May, the bird will be unveiled to the public at the Chino, CA airshow and offered for sale at $5.9 million. Maybe we should create an LLC and buy it but the approx, $5,000/hour operating cost is an additional impediment. APR 2010 from Mike "Maj" McDougall: 10:40 on the 18th of April 2010 marked a major milestone in a small corner of Arizona as TA-4J Skyhawk N518TA made its maiden flight after a thorough and lengthy build and restoration. GAR's own Paul Filmer was there. The restoration work was carried out by Fighting Classics under the watchful eye of Mike "Maj" McDougall with a highly skilled and dedicated crew based in a single hangar at Marana Regional Airport in Arizona, taking just under five years. The aircraft started life as an A-4L Bu148602 which was one of a batch of A-4Cs that were converted to A-4L standard and sold to the Malaysian Air Force. This example was one of 36 that were left behind to be used for spare parts and stored at Dross Metals (later called Aircraft Restoration and Marketing) just outside of AMARC. The aircraft were then sold as a job lot by the Malaysian Air Force and changed hands a few times before being released to the open market. The project called for an airworthy A-4 and with the work to be undertaken it seemed sensible to build a two-seat version to give the most use and appeal from an owner's point of view. The front fuselage sections of some TA-4Js were available, albeit completely stripped with no sticks, no actuators, rotting wires and no complete lines - basically just the shell with no data tags, and as no aft fuselages from TA-4s were available the decision was made to mate the front half of a TA-4 to the rear of an A-4L. The cockpit basically bolts on to the rear fuselage of a standard A-4 and most major sections are interchangeable with the only modifications being different internal housings to accept different engines. The more powerful J52 engine was used on the original TA-4Js and so the fuselage of this A-4L was modified to accommodate the power plant and the plumbing required. The basic configuration is as follows: Forward fuselage and engine is TA-4J standard with the aft fuselage, tailplane and wing being A-4L standard. The wings from the Lima model differ slightly from the original Charlie model with the addition of spoilers, as did the original TA-4s. The front and rear cockpits are identical and everything can be performed if needed from the rear seat. The detail behind this restoration is truly incredible with all unnecessary components having been taken out and everything down to the last nut and bolt replaced or serviced. I'd been following this project for the last three and a half years, dropping in whenever I could to check-up on the progress, and Maj always kept me in the loop with the goings on. The project began when Maj was recruited as a consultant to buy a couple of A-4s but the owners also wanted to find a shop and after looking around came back and said that they would like Maj to conduct the build if he was interested in starting a new business. This was when the current location was chosen and a hangar was consequently found and rented from Pima Aviation. So, the project started with a single aircraft and a pair of drop-tanks on 13th June 2005 with the original timing estimate put at three years. The first six months was purely preparation, planning, tooling and finding parts before the build itself could commence. Maj worked on his own for the first year of so before recruiting his first employee. At any one time in the restoration there have been a maximum of four people working in the aircraft, including Maj himself. Just under five years later and here we are with a fully functioning aircraft with experienced test pilot Rick Millson ready to fly the aircraft for the first time. Rick is an ex US Navy pilot and Vietnam veteran with 250 combat sorties and 400 carrier landings under his belt in A-4 Skyhawks; he also did one tour with the Blue Angels in F11 Tigers and was also a slot pilot using the F-4 Phantom. I arrived on Friday morning laden down with crates of water and carbonated drinks, as there would be no time for the mechanics to break for lunch. The first flight was due to take place later in the day but as with most projects this size, time was quickly slipping away with the small things that needed to be tweaked before such an important event. So, as the sun slowly slipped below the horizon it was decided that a short taxi run would be performed to check the systems and to allow an early fight the next morning before the heat got too crazy. This was the first time I'd seen this machine start and taxi under its own power and it sent shivers down my spine to watch and listen as it took on a life of its own. I didn't sleep that well in anticipation for the next morning, which it seemed would certainly be the day the aircraft flew for the first time. The brief for the first flight had aircraft staying close to the airport using a Siai Marchetti SF-260 as a chase plane with Roger Tonry at the controls. The plan was to leave the gear and flaps down, climb to 6500' and stay below 200kts. Rick would then move to half-flaps and raise the gear making sure all looked good in the cockpit as well as from a visual check from the chase plane. The chase would also lookout for any smoke from the engine and any leaks of fluid. A couple more cycles of the gear and then fly back into the pattern with a low pass on the cross runway (the hangar is at the end of this runway) then a touch-and-go before landing. Basically exercise everything and bring it back for the engineers to have a good look at. They had ground crew with radio communications positioned at the start for the take-off run and at mid-field; all were equipped with extinguishers. Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) at Tucson issued discreet squawk codes even though they would be out of their airspace and Tucson International would be a diversion field if there were issues with hydraulics or brakes as they would be able to trap the wire there. For this first flight a pair of drop-tanks were fitted which, as well as being part of the kit, would save the fuselage if a wheels-up landing was required in a worst-case scenario. I hitched a ride with one of the mechanics as our small fleet of pick-ups gathered just beyond mid-field next to the taxiway that runs parallel to the runway. The A-4 was up much quicker than I expected so my take-off shots were a little more underside than I'd have liked. As she took to the air Maj was on the phone to the owner, who couldn't be present, and with the noise of the jet taking off as the backing track he was shouting, "she flies!" As they performed their planned flight manoeuvres we raced back to the hangar for the fly-past. It looked magnificent as she flew by super quick and again we all jumped in the back of the trucks to see the Skyhawk land and taxi in. This first flight was a complete success with just a couple of adjustments to make to items like the Angle of Attack (AOA) indicator, so the project for the ground crew suddenly moved from a restoration to a maintenance task. The subsequent flights were made with the drop-tanks off and all that remains is to install the oxygen system, then this aircraft is truly ready to go. On landing Maj was showered with bottle of champagne, which I had strategically hidden in the fridge behind the beer the day before - that task alone was a tricky one to accomplish without Maj cottoning-on and you really couldn't have found a happier guy. On the second flight Maj joined us in the SF-260 chase (combined with a photo sortie) to see his pride and joy close up in the air. The next morning Rick and Don were strapped in, engines running and ready to go, but a final walk around by the ground crew found that one of the main gear tyres had some thread separation which would involve a tyre change. In the pre-flight briefing Don held his stomach and advised that he didn't feel too well due to what he had eaten for breakfast. He looked at Maj and placed his hand on his shoulder and said "Hey Rick I'm not really feeling that good I must have had too much for breakfast. I don't think I will be able to handle flying this morning. Maj, do you think you would mind taking my place?" Cue laughter and smiles all around, this was a set-up and took Maj by complete surprise, as he was just happy to work out all the bugs on the aircraft. Maj's flight was a short one unfortunately as, after getting airborne, the gear lights would not indicate an "up" position, and as a cycle of the gear didn't change anything, the only thing to do was to land. It was found that the front door was failing to lock flush with the fuselage after she was jacked-up on the taxiway. A few hours of tweaking and testing and the team had the door working perfectly again. So again Maj was ready to fly and I was able to get some more air-to-air shots with a happy guy riding shotgun in the rear. After the photo work was completed Rick simply said, "See ya later boys" and off they powered. Roger and I watched as they performed a roll and generally zoomed around the airspace. After landing I tried to get some group photos next to the aircraft but Maj was just too happy and couldn't stop laughing the whole time. Monday morning's flight was to test low speed characteristics, which again afforded some nice opportunities to snag photos in a different configuration. This flight ended with no squawks at all which was great news for the team. The elation turned quickly to sadness as Rick took a phone call from a very close friend who was calling to say goodbye and was in the process of dying. Don suggested that they could curtail the last planned flight of the day in the circumstances, as all that was planned had now been accomplished. Rick however mentioned that his friend Frank had encouraged him to, "keep flying as long as he had an airplane to fly". So the last flight was dedicated to Rick's friend Frank Chesley and Don told Rick that the flight was his and "you go do whatever you want on this flight." Rick roared down the runway and picked up the gear and held it at about 25 feet or so and when he reached the end of the runway he pulled it straight up and climbed out of sight. It was a fitting end to a memorable weekend.
  • 15 MAY 2010 TA-4J-Skyhawk/N518TA/">Civilian registered Douglas TA-4J Skyhawk was on static display at the 2010 Planes of Fame Air Show, Chino, California.
  • FEB 2012: TA-4J N518TA For Sale! N518TA is registered with Pacific Aero Ventures LLC, 656 Lake Sammamish lane NE Bellvue WA.

Unit Photos

SEP 1977: At VT-4, as F-375.

A-4L 148602 waiting to be restored.

Y2005: A-4L BuNo 149540 aft fuselage, A-4L 148602 wing mated to TA-4J BuNo 158486 forward fuselage. Rebuild begins by Fighting Classics directed by Mike "Maj" McDougall.

149540 Pic1
149540 Pic2
149540 Pic3
149540 Pic4
149540 Pic5
149540 Pic6

Y2010: BuNo 158486 (cockpit), 149540 (tail), and 48602 (wing and parts) marked as "experimental" gets checked out.
Taxi out.

Y2010: BuNo 158486 (cockpit), 149540 (tail), and 48602 (wing and parts) marked as N518AT with her new paint job.

Y2010: N518AT gets approval. Pic1; Pic2

Mike McDougall "youtube" videos:
21 NOV 2009: First engine run-up.

MAY 2010 Takeoff at Marana, AZ.

Landing at North Island: Don and I flying into North Island! Two civilians in a TA-4....This is too cool!

NOV 2010: takeoff

MAY 2011 Planes of Fame Air Show.

MAY 2011: Chino departure after 2011 air show.

SEP 2011: Departure Gillespie

Valiant Air Command War Bird Museum (VAC))


Point of Contact = Squadron Duty Officer (SDO). Refer to the CONTACT LIST under "THE ASSOCIATION" drop down menu.



Owned by Skyhawk Ventures LLC. (Donated for display by Porter Spangler and Dan Carr).




  • 149606 A-4C: N2262Z ; c/n 12931.

Home Base(s):

  • Displayed at Valiant Air Command Museum Inc. in Titusville, Florida.


  • Building this bird: From Porter Spangler: The US Navy serial numbers are different than the civilian FAA serial number. The FAA SN was issued along with the N number when the airplane was registered by the FAA as a civilian A4. I have no idea how the FAA generated that number. I tried to get it registered as N149606Z or a variation on that but was unable to get that number. There is no connection between the BU numbers issued by the Navy and the FAA numbers. The Bu Number is only important for historical purposes. The BU Number for the forward section never changes. If a forward section was damaged beyond repair then after removing all usable parts it was scrapped and the BU Number and serial number that was on the forward section was then removed from the Navy’s records. The SN and Bu No 149606 was set at the time of manufacture according to the Douglas production contract. The Navy BU Number and serial number are found on the aircraft data plate which is riveted to the forward fuselage on the left side canted bulkhead behind the pilot seat (right side facing aft). The wing and tail did come from two other aircraft as you identified them. However the wing and aft fuselage do not have data plates with serial numbers or Bu numbers. They are considered simply as airframe parts or part assemblies and will have a part number or assembly number stamped on the them. The forward fuselage also has a part number. Those assemblies were often changed out in the fleet based on battle damage and the need for having flyable aircraft up and ready (unusable parts were pushed overboard). The BU Number and serial number represent the entire aircraft regardless of whether some of the individual parts or assemblies were replaced from a parts depot or other damaged and non airworthy aircraft. I was able to identify the aircraft BU Numbers for the aircraft that the tail and wing came from because we purchased them with the BU Number painted on the tail section. The wing was a little more speculative as it was removed from the forward fuselage by the seller and they identified that aircrafts BU Number for me. The aft fuselage did not have a rudder, horizontal stabilizer, speed brakes and elevators when I purchased it. Those parts were all from other aircraft. The aft fuselage had the Bu Number from the last A4 that it was attached to painted on its side. The same applies to the wing. There were no ailerons, landing gear, gear doors, flaps or slats on the wing when I purchased it. I purchased those separately also and there is no record of the completed A4 BU Numbers that they came from. They were purchased by part number which insured that they were “Charlie” parts. I have been told that there are very few A4s anywhere that have all of the original parts still attached that were there when the aircraft rolled off the assembly line. There are many reasons for that including Life limits for the individual parts. When a part reached its life limit then it was replaced and the part was then remanufactured by a NARF and put back on other aircraft. So it is not at all unusual for 149606 to have many parts from many other aircraft after all of these years. Most of the limits were based on such things as the number of arrested landings, flight hours, and hard landings.
  • 20 MAY 2010 - Dave Dollarhide: "I flew my RV-4 down to Sanford yesterday to hang out while “Skyhawk Ventures” performed another run up and taxi test on their A-4C. Dan Carr, Porter Spangler and I watched as Larry Elmore (Worm) exercised the machine. The tower let Worm perform a take-off/abort on 9L and it really brings back memories to see that thing blowing oil smoke out both sides. He said the acceleration was pretty exciting, even with the J-65-W16. They were to weigh it after I flew back home, but expect the airplane to weigh less than 10,000#....getting down to A-4A weights. It won’t be long before this cool looking “Charlie” takes to the air." Hide
  • 05 NOV 2011: 149606 N2262Z (Skyhawk Ventures) Seen flying at NAS Jacksonville (Towers Fld) dressed as AE-402 CVA-66
  • JUL 2014:
    149606 A-4C: Displayed at Valiant Air Command Museum Inc. in Titusville, Florida.
    N2262Z and serial number 60-12377. Owned by Skyhawk Ventures LLC. (Donated for display by Porter Spangler and Dan Carr). Display contact Robert H. Frazier. Still Flyably, just ask Skyhawker Dave "Hide" Dollarhide.

Unit Photos

MAR 1974: 149606 in storage at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ, March, 1974. Photo by Ron Picciani.

Date Unknown:
Front Fuselage of BuNo 149606, the wing section will be from BuNo 145131 and the rear fuselage from BuNo 148576.

The wing section from BuNo 145131 is going to complete the build of 149606.

The tail section from BuNo 148576 is going to complete the build of 149606.

20 MAY 2011:
Dave Dollarhide photos of BuNo 149606.

Y2012: "HIde" pulling 149606, NX2262Z, with a Tug. Pic1 and Pic2

Y2013: Skyhawk Ventures LLC A-4C BuNo 149606 NX2262Z


Valiant Air Command War Bird Museum (VAC) A-4C in the air.

BuNo Tag Plate.

NAS JAX Air Show.

Airworthy Certificate.

Contracting Companies (aka "Working Birds")

Draken International


Point of Contact = Squadron Duty Officer (SDO). Refer to the CONTACT LIST under "THE ASSOCIATION" drop down menu.






  • Six former RNZAF A-4K Skyhawks.
    • BuNo 157904 NZ6212 (Draken N142EM)
    • BuNo 154905 NZ6213 (N143EM)
    • BuNo 154908 NZ6214 (N144EM)
    • BuNo 155052 NZ6215 (N145EM)
    • BuNo 155061 NZ6217 (N146EM)
    • BuNo 155069 NZ6218 (N147EM)
  • Two former RNZAF TA-4K Skyhawks.
    • BuNo 157914 NZ6251 (N140EM)
    • BuNo 157915 NZ6252 (N141EM)
  • Douglas A-4L Skyhawk: Three leased from A-4L LLC.
  • Douglas A-4L Skyhawk: One A-4L under long term rebuild at Houston Ellington Field , held by JDI Holdings.
  • Douglas A-4C Skyhawk: Two A-4C at Marana, AZ. Held by JDI Holdings, with no current plans to restore them.
  • 12 DEC 2014: Draken buys six A4-N Skyhawks from BAE Systems and flies them to U.S.A. from Germany.
    • BAE N431FS = BuNo 159805 c/n 14477 IDF-305
    • BAE N432FS = BuNo 159542 c/n 14462 IDF-432. N432FS while with BAE Systems, this image in Italy.
    • BAE N434FS = BuNo 159815 c/n 14514 IDF-373
    • BAE N437FS = BuNo 159078 c/n 14372?  IDF-355
    • BAE N262WL = BuNo 159545 c/n 14465 IDF-444 (former ATSI Aircraft)
    • BAE N268WL = BuNo 159530 c/n 14450 IDF-395 (former ATSI Aircraft)
  • N269WL, one of the ATSI A-4Ns on lease to AVDEF, based at Nimes in Southern France. BuNo 159536, is now registered F-ZVMD. They are supposed to be getting a second A-4 from ATSI.
    Jim (18-May-04)

Home Base(s):

  • Lakeland FL. (KLAL)


  • 15 NOV 2011: New Zealand's Defence Minister has announced that a United States company, JDI Holdings, is going to buy eight Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) retired A-4K/TA-4K Skyhawks.

  • Winter 2012: RNZAF deal completed with JDI Holdings. These aircraft will flown by Draken International, INC.

  • Spring 2012: Commenced the lease of three A-4L from "A-4L LLC".

  • 01 AUG 2012:
    Draken International has acquired the 9 Aemacchi MB-339's and 8 McDonnell Douglas A-4K Skyhawks from the Kiwis (New Zealand)! It expects the MB-339’s to be operational during the 4th quarter 2012 and the Skyhawks during the 1st quarter of 2013! (much sooner than most had expected!) The Association finds this news VERY exciting indeed! These A-4K’s are nicely upgraded aircraft and the Draken lineup is fast becoming an extremely impressive tactical aircraft inventory for contract work around the country. They have an immediate need for skilled A-4 if you know some, or are one, get a resume in ASAP! While not so immediate a need, they are also building a collection of A-4 pilot resumes. Might be worth a try for some of you younger gents out there! E-mail point of contact for A-4 maintainer employment is: J Kerby. Interested pilots may want to send pilot resumes to Draken International at 3330 Flightline Drive, Lakeland, FL 33811.

    Press Release on Draken’s NZ Skyhawk acquisition:

    Draken International Purchases Eight McDonnell Douglas A-4K Skyhawks LAKELAND, FL (July, 2012) - Draken International has signed an agreement with the New Zealand government to purchase eight (8) McDonnell Douglas A-4K Skyhawks as well as various other equipment and accessories. This successful transaction marks the end of a great chapter in New Zealand aviation history and the beginning of a great foundation for Draken International. Draken, recognizing the increasing demand from the defense contracting industry, intends to operate the aircraft in support of Department of Defense training initiatives. The aircraft bring unique capabilities to the Contract Air Services (CAS) industry, with features such as an APG-66 radar, Heads-up-Display, HOTAS, Multi-Function Display and the NATO standard 1553 bus. Draken will also operate up to 6 buddy-store systems, enabling the Draken fleet to provide in-house aerial refueling or to provide tanker support to other probe equipped aircraft. Given these capabilities, the aircraft will be able to provide a more realistic training and threat simulation environment for a variety of roles including Air-to-Air, "Red Air", Air to Ground, JTAC/CAS, aerial refueling, research and other mission sets that demand the latest in aircraft technology. Draken International CEO Jared Isaacman states, “These aircraft represent the final and most capable evolution of the A-4 Skyhawk platform. We are all very confident in the long-term supportability, advanced avionics capabilities and economic efficiencies these aircraft will bring to the Department of Defense and the overall defense contracting industry.” In addition to the Douglas A-4K Skyhawks, the transaction includes over 20 spare engines, and an extensive inventory of spare parts, publications, life support equipment and avionics sufficient to power the fleet for decades to come. Also included are two flight simulators for cockpit procedural training and nav/attack system familiarization. Draken has already received the necessary approval from the US State Department and expects to have the aircraft operational by the first quarter of 2013.

    Press Release on Draken’s NZ Aemacchi acquisition:

    Draken International Purchases Aermacchi MB-339 Aircraft Fleet from New Zealand Government LAKELAND, FL (July 30th, 2012) – Draken International has been selected as the winning bidder for nine (9) Aermacchi MB-339 tactical jet trainer aircraft from the New Zealand government. The MB-339 aircraft are very low time and have been exceptionally well maintained. This acquisition complements the company’s already expansive and highly capable fleet of fighter aircraft, with capabilities in all mission sets including air to air and air to ground. These nine Aermacchi MB-339s feature dual, front and rear seat Heads-Up Displays (HUD), Multi-Function Displays (MFD), the NATO Standard 1553 data bus and an F-16-style Hands On Throttle and Stick (HOTAS) system. The MB-339 is specifically designed to excel in the Close Air Support (CAS), Forward Air Controller - Airborne (FAC-A) and training Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTAC) roles. The aircraft are equipped with seven weapon station hardpoints to provide the capability to handle air-to-ground training munitions and integration with the latest generation of targeting pods. Draken International CEO Jared Isaacman states, “Draken is committed to building the most capable fleet of aircraft for our contract air services clients and this acquisition helps further our already robust capabilities. We are also very pleased to continue our long-standing positive relationship with the New Zealand government with this transaction.” This acquisition also includes an extensive inventory of spare parts, spare engines, avionics, nav/attack systems, publications and life support systems. Also included is a flight simulator for pilot familiarization and procedural training. Draken has had a team in New Zealand overseeing the disassembly, shipping and logistics operations for the MB-339 fleet for over two months. It is anticipated that the aircraft will be assembled and operational during the 4th quarter 2012.

  • 12 DEC 2014:
    Draken International, a provider of 4th-generation tactical flight support, has completed an acquisition of six McDonnell Douglas A-4N Skyhawks from BAE Systems and has successfully flown these aircraft back to the United States from Germany. These aircraft are in addition to eight A-4K Skyhawks previously purchased from New Zealand, bringing the company’s fleet to a total of 14 A-4 Skyhawks.

    Draken International CEO Jared Isaacman states, “The A-4 Skyhawk has proven to be a very capable aircraft and is well-suited for tactical flight support. We are glad to have this opportunity to add these six additional aircraft to our growing fleet. The flight operation involved considerable planning and logistics expertise given the harsh and sometimes unpredictable weather of the North Atlantic. The Draken team did a tremendous job in all aspects of the operation including maintenance, pilots, flight planning, and logistics. This marks the fourth overseas acquisition of fighter aircraft and is highlighted even further by such a safe and successful trans-Atlantic flight operation.”

    Draken International maintains the largest privately-owned fleet of tactical jet aircraft in the world with over 80 aircraft, including Douglas A-4 Skyhawks, Aermacchi MB-339s, Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21s, Aero Vodochody L-39s, and our sophisticated multi-role Aero Vodochody L-159E Advanced Light Combat Aircraft (ALCA).

    About Draken International
    Draken International is the world’s largest operator of ex-military aircraft and based out of the Lakeland Linder Regional Airport in Lakeland, FL. The organization sets a new standard in airborne adversary support, flight training, threat simulation, electronic warfare support, aerial refueling, research, testing, as well as other missions uniquely suited to their fleet of aircraft. With over 80 tactical fighter aircraft incorporating modern 4th-generation capabilities, the company is uniquely positioned to answer the growing global demand for commercial air services. Draken employs world-class military-trained fighter pilots including USAF Weapons School Instructors, Fighter Weapons School Graduates, TOP GUN Instructors, Air Liaison Officers, and FAC-A Instructors. For additional information, visit

  • 22 JUN 2015: The World’s Largest Private Air Force.

Unit Photos

Draken Front Door

JUN 2012:
A-4 LLC BuNo 147768, N147AT, with Draken International Pic1

Pic2, shows a second unidentified A-4L.

A-4L LLC A-4Lima leased to Draken International, Pic3.

159530 N-268WL in transit from BAE Germany to Draken USA with two other BAE Skyhawks.

Draken TA-4 N-141EM Nose On. Former RNZAF TA-4K Skyhawk, BuNo 157915 NZ6252.

29MAR13: Draken TA-4 N-141EM second seat being installed. Former RNZAF TA-4K Skyhawk, BuNo 157915 NZ6252.

BuNo 147768, a rebuilt A-4L by A4l, LLC; is leased to Draken Int. as DI-532.

DEC 2014:
Draken International, has completed an acquisition of six McDonnell Douglas A-4N Skyhawks from BAE Systems. In this photo is BuNo 159078, N437FS, BuNo 159815, N434FS and a unknown A-4N also coming from BAE of Germany to Draken in Clifton FL. U.S.A.

DEC 2015: Draken N147EM in DEC2015 formation with a F-16 and a F-35.

Discover Air


Point of Contact = Squadron Duty Officer (SDO). Refer to the CONTACT LIST under "THE ASSOCIATION" drop down menu.



Discovery Air (Canada): Discovery Air operates a wide- ranging fleet of aircraft for contract services and supports the Canadian Armed Forces through its Discovery Air De- fense Services (DADS) unit, also known as Top Aces, USA. In December 2013, they completed the acquisition of ATSI of Mesa, AZ, which included their 7 A-4Ns and 3 TA-4Js. DAD’s also maintains a fleet of Dornier Alpha Jets, Westwind 1124s and is “quite well advanced” in talks for the acquisition of F-16 aircraft. Look for them to be in the hunt for US contracts to add to their new contract with the German Air Force at Wittmund, Germany.



  • APR 2016: 7 A-4N and 3 TA-4J Skyhawks.
  • Douglas TA-4F Skyhawks:
    • 152853 - N250WL
    • 153500 - N251WL
    • 153672 - N252WL
    • Douglas A-4N Skyhawks:
    • 158730 - N260WL
    • 159051 - N267WL
    • 159523 - N263WL (See May 10, 2003 below)
    • 159530 - N268WL - Note: Sold to BAE Y2007.
    • 159533 - N261WL
    • 159534 - N266WL
    • 159536 - N269WL -Note: 159544 - N265WL
    • 159545 - N262WL - Note: Sold to BAE Y2007.
    • 159823 - N264WL

Home Base(s):

  • Canada
  • Williams Gateway Airport, Mesa AZ.

Unit Photos

Thirteen Skyhawks washed and lined up sit on the ATSI Line.

262 Flown by Paul Valovich (Booger)

269 Flown by Randy Clark (Pogo)

ATSI N262WL and N269WL in formation.

ATSI "262" at Mugu

All photographs above via John Lammers and provided by Ev Keech of ATS. They are based at Williams Field in Phoenix. Pictures were taken coming back from Pt. Mugu in 2002 after working with the Nimitz. They are carrying dial-a-threat pods.

BuNo 159523 probably at Williams Gateway Field. L to R: 159523 as N263WL, 159545 as N262WL and T-Bird 153500 as N251WL.

22 FEB 2002: BuNo 152853 takes Association Journal Editor Jim Ritchie for a ride.

Bud Southworth Y2002 Photo Gallary of ATSI.

Photographs by Tom Bispo, Fall of 2003:
Fall 2003 BuNo 152868 resting in the sun at Williams Gateway Field. Tom Bispo photo.

Fall 2003 former Naval Test Pilot School Skyhawk BuNo 152868 resting in the sun at Williams Gateway Field. 868 is destined for ATSI maintenance parts. Tom Bispo photo.

Fall 2003 left front view of BuNo 154614 resting in the sun at Williams Gateway Field. Tom Bispo.

FAll 2003 BuNo 155115 resting in the sun at Williams Gateway Field. Tom Bispo.

07FEB2004: BuNo 153500 probably at Williams Gateway Field. From Kopoff.

Below photos taken at FEB 2004 SA Board Meeting, Mesa AZ. Jerry Kopff.
BuNo 153672 Recovering N252WL from a sortie.
BuNo 153672 N252WL recovery.
BuNo 153500 N251WL.
Launching BuNo 159534 N263WL on a mission.
Launching BuNo 159534 N263WL.
N263WL after takeoff.
N263WL taxing out for takeoff.
N261WL on the ramp.
N265WL on the ramp.
N265WL on the ramp.
N265WL on the ramp 4.
N265WL tail insignia.
Believed to be the parts store for ATSI.

N265WL on the ramp. John Gabbard, taken at the February 2004 Board Meeting.

BuNo.159545 on the ATSI Ramp. John Gabbard, taken at the February 2004 Board Meeting.

24MAY2014: BuNo 152853 N250WL 24MAY2014 Mess AZ. Photo by Art Jensen, via Gary Verver.



Point of Contact = Squadron Duty Officer (SDO). Refer to the CONTACT LIST under "THE ASSOCIATION" drop down menu.



  • Teton Aviation Support Services
  • Dr. Rich Sugden



  • TA-4J BuNo 154306

Home Base(s):

  • Canada
  • Driggs, Idaho


  • SEP 2011: BuNo 154306 is waiting on a few critical parts from AMRAC to enable it for it's first flight. Purchased 3 ea. TA-4J's and 2 ea. OA-4M's (Marine Fast FAC version of the TA-4J) for parts at DM . and have been fighting with DoD and Government Liquidators for over a year, trying to get the parts we paid for. If/when we can get the OA-4M parts, I'd like to convert our TA-4J to the OA-4M
  • 2014: Engine runs and taxi checks, but no known flights.
    Well, there was smoke and fire, but in all the right places … Smooth start, all parameters within limits … pretty uneventful. Functionally checked everything we could on the ground and, except for a few small avionics glitches, all went well. Taxied around the ramp w/o problems. Couldn't do a Mil power run as the ramp was wet and the brakes wouldn't hold … but the accel. from idle to 85% was smooth and rapid, and all parameters at 85% were spot on. We're getting there . Rich
  • August 2017 UPDATE: From Rich Sugden M.D.
    Pieter Groenendijk is a Dutch urologist, and amateur (pretty good one too!) aviation photographer, who has come all the way to Driggs several times to fly w. us.  This is a video of his flight w. me in the TA-4J and Peter Kline flying the MiG-17, around Driggs … over the Tetons to Jackson, and back …
    I think you’ll enjoy Pieter’s skill w. the camera !!

    A day at the office -flying the TA-4J Skyhawk and MiG-17. Flying with Rich 'Doc' Sugden in his Skyhawk over the Teton Mountains and Peter 'Bamboo' Kline in the Mig-17. Marloes Groenendijk Published on Aug 28, 2017.

Unit Photos

16 JAN 2014
Well, there was smoke and fire, but in all the right places … Smooth start, all parameters within limits … pretty uneventful. Functionally checked everything we could on the ground and, except for a few small avionics glitches, all went well. Taxied around the ramp w/o problems. Couldn't do a Mil power run as the ramp was wet and the brakes wouldn't hold … but the accel. from idle to 85% was smooth and rapid, and all parameters at 85% were spot on.

We're getting there .
N234LT at the Teton Aviation Center.

N234LT on the ramp

N234LT 158141 SUGDEN RICHARD G. TA-4F/J under restoration, Driggs Idaho.

N234LT 158141 SUGDEN RICHARD G. TA-4F/J under restoration, front instrument panel.
N234LT 158141 SUGDEN RICHARD G. TA-4F/J under restoration, left instrument panel.
N234LT 158141 SUGDEN RICHARD G. TA-4F/J under restoration, right instrument panel.
N234LT 158141 SUGDEN RICHARD G. TA-4F/J under restoration, new seat in back.
N234LT 158141 SUGDEN RICHARD G. TA-4F/J under restoration, new seat in front.



Point of Contact = Squadron Duty Officer (SDO). Refer to the CONTACT LIST under "THE ASSOCIATION" drop down menu.



  • A-4L LLC, 8191 E Kaiser Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92808



  • Nine A-4L
  • N130AT BuNo 148446
  • N132AT BuNo 145128, lost JUL 2010
  • N143AT BuNo 147690
  • N146AT BuNo 147761
  • N147AT BuNo 147768
  • N154AT BuNo 147836
  • N207AT BuNo 148581
  • N218AT BuNo 149500
  • N228AT BuNo 149591

Home Base(s):

  • Perrville, MO.
  • Sherman, TX.
  • Bill Maszala's storage facility, ATW Aviation Inc. in Marana AZ.


  • This outfit acquired 9 of the Malaysian ‘parts aircraft’ in Arizona and has brought several of them into service under contract as orders have come in. They have leased aircraft to both ATAC and Draken (above right) in the past and have 3 flyers in Denison, TX. One or two more could be flying fairly soon after being contracted, with those spread through restoration facilities in Perryville, MO, Sherman, TX, and Bill Maszala’s storage facility, ATW Aviation, Inc., in Marana, AZ.
  • Y2007: A-4L 148581 undergoes restoration at Sabreliner Corporation facility in Perryville,MO.

  • 08 JUL 2010: N132AT, BuNo 145128 c/n 12374, lost due to engine failure at take-off at NAS Fallon NV. At the time it was leased to "ATAC". This "Lima" was a restored a/c formerly allocated to Malaysia but never delivered. It had been modified with a IG3 Escapac ejection seat.

  • FEB 2011: A4L LLC acquired 9 of the Malaysian ‘parts aircraft’ in Arizona and has brought several of them into service under contract as orders come in. ATAC had 3, now has 2, of these aircraft with the rest spread through Sabreliner’s restoration facility in Perryville, MO, Sherman, TX, and Bill Maszala’s storage facility, ATW Aviation, Inc., in Marana, AZ. Neither actually operate A-4’s.

  • Y2012: Two a/c formerly leased by ATAC are now flying with Draken Internation Inc.

Unit Photos

BuNo 147761 under restoration along with BuNo 147768 and BuNo 148581, Bob Sneider.

147761 Restoral.

A-4L Skyhawks at Marana, l-r: BuNo 149555, four unknown, BuNo 148446, MB-12, unknown, BuNo 149591, unknown and BuNo 147793.

A-4L Skyhawk BuNo 148446 and unknown Skyhawk side number MB-12.

BuNo 148446 at Marana

Y2004 Marana: N203AT BuNo 148502.

09 APR 2007 N207AT, BuNo 148581 Restoral at Perrville MO.
Pic2; Pic3; Pic4 from Bob Schneider

22MAR2014: Draken N207AT in-flight, leased from A4L LLC.

Restorations for Museums and/or Flying.

Formerly reserved for Malaysia, these Skyhawks went up for sale to the civilian population.

  • Updated 24DEC 2015

    • 145064: N128AT A-4C for restoration by Lonny Ferrin Houston TX.

    • 145076: N129AT A-4L .

    • 145128: N132AT went to A-4 LLC to fly as contract bird, but was lost.

    • 147669: N135AT A-4L with Thomas Samuelson Delanson, NY. for restoration.

    • 147671: N142AT A-4L.

    • 147679: A-4L Greg Shephard for restoration.

    • 147690: N143AT went to A-4L LLC to fly as a contract bird.

    • 147696: N144AT A-4C BuNo 147696 with Michael Galante, Andover MN.

    • 147726: A-4C Cut-up for art display "Ross">

    • 147754 A-4L: BuNo 147754 (N145AT) purchased for Southwest Florida Defense Antiquities Museum Inc. -- AND then restoral.
      2004: tail section view of former VC-2 Blue Tails A-4L Skyhawk BuNo 147754 resting in the Arizona sunshine.
      2004 right front viewof former VC-2 Blue Tails A-4L Skyhawk BuNo 147754.
      2004 left front view of former VC-2 Blue Tails A-4L Skyhawk BuNo 147754
      2004 cockpit view of former VC-2 Blue Tails A-4L Skyhawk BuNo 147754
      2004 right console view of former VC-2 Blue Tails A-4L Skyhawk BuNo 147754
      2004 left console view of former VC-2 Blue Tails A-4L Skyhawk BuNo 147754
      2004 ejection seat view of former VC-2 Blue Tails A-4L Skyhawk BuNo 147754
      BuNo 147754
      Photos by Greg Shepard via Joe Turpen.
      22SEP06: Once offered on "ebay" for sale at $75,000.

    • 147761: N146AT went to A-4 LLC to fly as a contract bird.

    • 147768: N147AT went to A-4 LLC to fly as a contract bird.

    • 147793: 147793 N-148 AT Pic1 Raptor Aviation
    • 147793 Pic2 Raptor Aviation
    • 147793 Pic3
    • 147793 Pic4
    • 147793 Pic5Raptor Aviation

    • 147815: N153AT formerly of Roberts Aviation, Hamilton Ohio. (Ian Roberts).

    • 147836: N154AT went to A-4 LLC to fly as a contract bird.

    • 148307 N156AT A-4L:">Pic1 at Marana; A-4L 148307 Pic2 at Marana. Greg Shephard, current status unknown.

    • 148316: A-4L N157AT A-4L 148316 tail. Greg Shepard and then?

    • 148446: N130AT went A-4L LLC to fly as a contract bird.

    • 158486: put together by Air Capitol Warbirds. Cockpit section is 158486, wing is148602 and tail is 149540.
    • 148500: A-4C Skyhawk N159AT to Illinois Aviation Museum in Bolingbrook, IL. or SWFDAM in Fl.

    • 148502: N203AT A-4C RAF Group 45 Llc Box 1476, Ocala FL. from Michael Blackstock 1968.

    • 148509: A-4C Skyhawk N204AT In compound 19Jul02. Eventually went to 'Warriors and Warbirds Inc. and is now on display there at Monroe NC.

    • 148540: A-4C to Greg Shephard?, researching.

    • 148573: A-4C N250AT Greg Shepard to National Warplane Musuem to be restored at a later date.

    • 148576: tail went on 149606

    • 148581: N207AT went to A-4L LLC to fly as a contract bird.

    • 148590: forward fuselage at Marana

    • 148597:A-4C N214AT Douglas 12790, being restored by Mike McDougall in Marana. Pampa Aircraft Leasing LLC Dover DL. Contact FL: Fred Machado.

    • 148600: A-4L Douglas 12793 Watkins residence?

    • 148602: N215AT Tail used on restoration N518TA BuNo 158486 TA-4J cockpit.

    • 149500: N218AT A-4L with A-4 LCC, Anaheim CA. flying as a contract bird.

    • 149502: N219AT A-4L Landstreet Investment Corp, Dallas TX. ? or A-4LLC ?

    • 149540: formerly reserved for Malaysia parts, N220AT was used for parts for a TA-4J restoration N518TA BuNo 158416.

    • 149550: A-4C N224AT Purchased by David Miles of United Kingdom, for restoration.

    • 149555: : A-4L N225AT to aviation Technologies Fort Myers FL.

    • 149575: 149575: N226AT SW Florida Defense Antiquities Museum FL.

    • 149581: A-4C N227AT Purchased by J.P. Parizon of France, for restoration to museum. Forward fuselage section of Skyhawk BuNo 149581 as it awaits transportation to France. Tail section of Skyhawk BuNo 149581 as it awaits transportation to France. Photos Greg Shephard via Joe Turpen.

    • 149591: N228AT with A-4 LCC, Anaheim CA. flying as a contract bird..

    • 149595: 3A304 ND-314 Douglas A-4C Skyhawk 12920 N229AT Greg Shephard restore to fly.

    • 149606: restoration, tail is from 148576 and wing is from 145131 to Titusville Museum.

    • 149620: N233AT A-4L A4 INC Idaho Falls, ID Aero Mark

    • 149636: N230AT A-4C Charles / Judith Nichols Baldwin Park, CA. or Nichols Chino CA A-4C.

    • 149653: 3A740 Douglas A-4E Skyhawk 12978 19Jul02.

    • 150581: N235AT to Museum in Ontario OR.

    • 150585: Marana

    • 150593: Marana

    • 46 Skyhawks on this list. (Malaysian contract undelivered = 48)

Skyhawks last sited 07 NOV 2015 at what we believe to be Bill Maszala’s storage facility, ATW Aviation, Inc., in Marana, AZ.

Grp1: Five Skyhawks

Grp1: Eight Skyhawks, one without wings. And four T-Bird cockpits.

Skyhawks that were in the disposition yard(s) other than former Malaysian birds.

  • 151050: 3A741 14 Douglas A-4E Skyhawk 13220 19Jul02
  • 151064: 3A739 10 Douglas A-4E Skyhawk 13234 For Torrance Aero Museum, Fullerton, CA.

  • 152012:3A646 Douglas A-4E Skyhawk13400 11Mar02 19Jul02 17Aug02

  • 152070: 3A792 Douglas A-4E Skyhawk13458 11Mar02 19Jul02 17Aug02

  • 158146: Forward fuselage former VT-7 A-722 T-Bird.

  • 158486: put together by Air Capitol Warbirds. Cockpit section is 158486, wing is 148602 and tail is 149540.

  • 158540: GV had it listed.

Cockpits for Fun

Mike Hoover is working on an early Skyhawk cockpit. PIC1
Skyhawk cockpit. PIC2
Skyhawk cockpit. PIC3

AOA panel question from Mike: Here are more pictures of a panel I found inside about where your knees would be when sitting in the seat. And the other is on the outside showing a panel from what I found was only on the A model. Other models have it but its a bigger size.
Association answer: Mike, shot in the dark but I think this is a mod data plate that was installed on the A-4D-1/-2/-2N and updated as appropriate. On the AOA: The square panel with the hole is for the angle of attack vane. It's square on the B, and most likely on the A. The C model AOA panel is round....probably the same on all subsequent models. Meanwhile, you appear to have a cockpit side panel from a C.

Skyhawk cockpit. PIC1
Skyhawk AOA cockpit. PIC2
Skyhawk AOA cockpit. PIC3


John Slezak has some cockpits in his garage, check out the photos below.
Pic4 A-4C Cockpit BuNo 14855x .
Pic5 A-4C Cockpit BuNo 14855x closeup.


Pieces and Parts

Aviation Services Pt. Suba Manggala
Office Address: Jl. Perintis No. 23 - Sarijadi 40151 Bandung - Indonesia
Phone: 62.93735464 Fax : 62.22.2004677 Mobile: 62.81312399996
email :

158481: 2007: "The BuNo is 158481, Gabby got me the historical data on the airframe, where it was assigned, hrs, ldgs and such. Was accepted 2 Aug of 1972. I am in the process of selling the TA-4 section ......." John Slezak. [Front cockpit section only ]. Pic1; Pic2; Pic3; Pic4; Pic5; Pic6; Pic7; Pic8.
John Slezak also has some single seat cockpits in his garage.

Sonoma, CA. Skyhawk pieces/parts: including tail for 153683 at Sonoma, CA.

153683-Sonoma CA Skyhawk Pieces.

On 06/14/2011 11:06 AM, David Duarte wrote: By poking around I stumbled on to your (web) site much the same as I stumbled on to a 1 1/2 acre yard in the heart of the vineyards in Sonoma California. The yard holds a very large collection of A4's in various stacks and groups of parts. canopies , tail sections, landing gear, wing sections etc. all neatly stacked as if waiting for a buyer. The location is on the corner of the roads Denmark and 8th in Sonoma. This location sounds urban by the names but it is out in the middle of the vineyard boonnies. I pass by the site often and have spoken to the apparent owner/guardian. He was cordial and polite but not very informative. I do not know if the collection is available for sale but I have seen that the inventory has changed over the years. The ship's names and units are still readable on the sides of the fuselages. The Lexington and another ship maybe the Kitty Hawk were visible on a few of the tail sections . On the next trip I'll take notes and pictures and send them on to this site if anyone is interested. 38degrees 16 minutes 41.52secs North x122degrees 26 minutes 11.89 secs West.


Fate Unknown and/or too sad to talk about

Variant: A-4B; Custodian: Yanks Air Museum; BuNo: 142892; Location: Yanks Air Museum; Date: 19 August 2006; Contact: G. Verver; Photo Credit: Jim Winchester; Description: A-4B Skyhawk BuNo 142892, Yanks Air Museum, 19 August 2006. Pic1; Pic2:; Pic3

Have knowledge of the status of these A/C? Contact

  • BuNo unknown: FEB 1996 - location unknown photo from Joe Cupido.

  • Derelict: A-4C 145074 in rough shape. Photo from Watkins.

  • 139945 and 147726 are to be cut-up for use in an art display. Location was El Mirage CA. Wrecker Yard.
    two dead airframes were recently saved from becoming beer cans out of the El Mirage wreckers yard, although "saved" will be in the eye of the beholder. BuNo 139945, one of the earliest A4s ever built, was purchased along with another A4 (BuNo 147726) by artist Mike Ross and they are being transformed into a fanciful sculpture to be hung in a Seattle subway station. The transformation involves slicing the airframes into segments as if they had been run through a meat slicer set too thick, and suspending them separated from each other by a few feet in the shape of birds, painted bright pink. Hard to say if this qualifies as "on display" (and whether being made into beer cans would have been a better fate), but in the interest of completeness, there it is. See: Mike Ross Art site.

  • 28 JUL 1997:
    A-4A 139938 & A-4B 145000 ex U.S. Navy (Fuselage & wings on a truck) Both aircraft came from NAS Memphis, TN., and are on their way to Consolidated UAC-Aeronautics in Tucson, Arizona, fate unknown.
    A-4B 145000 ex U.S. Navy (Fuselage & wings on a truck) going to Consolidated UAC-Aeronautics in Tucson, Arizona, fate unknown.
    Photos from Jan Hendriksen.
  • BuNo 147834 abandoned at Ft. Meade Florida, former Florida Aviation Museum Area A-4C Skyhawk BuNo 147834 painted to replicate VA-153 Blue Tail Flies BuNo 148592 (shot down by AAA on 20 October 1966) was on display at the Florida Military Aviation Museum. That musuem no longer operates.
    JUN 2007; JUN 2007; JUN 2007; JUN 2007; JUN 2007

  • Kissimmee FL: A-4s located at the now-defunct Flying Tiger Warbird Restoration Museum in Kissimmee, FL.   The museum went out of business in 2005, suffering from hurricane damage.
    • Derelict BuNo 139922 at Kissimmee from Colin Wells

    • Information on the BuNo's of these derelicts would be appreciated , see "".

    • Photo of a Skyhawk located at Tom Reilly's Flying Tiger Warbird Restoration Museum in Kissimmee, FL.
      Tom Bispo

      After study of three separate photos (two from Tom B and the one in the ref'd website), my guess is that the 147720 BuNo is a bummer. The bird shows a flush engine air intake and no apparent fueling probe, which makes it an A model, to which someone has created a "composite" by adding an avionics hump.

      AND What happend to this one formerly at Kissimmee?
      A-4A dressed up as A-4L?

      Aircraft: A-4A ?
      Custodian: ?
      Photo credit: "Boom" Powell
      Contact: "Boom"
      Description: Cindy White and unknown Skyhawk at the Flying Tiger Warbird Museum in Kissimmee, FL. said to be constructed from several different airframes.
      This museum shut down aprox. Y2005 after hurricane damage.

      Where is it now?



Subject: VA-44 A-4C on RR Flatcar
From: wilfred
Date: 05/28/2015 09:34 PM
To: ""

Good Evening,
I just won this slide off of E-bay this evening (I do not have

the actual slide in hand yet, just a scan I saved).
The listing had minimal listing only that it was an "aircraft fuselage on a flatcar in Lowell, MA in 1970." I contacted the seller and they knew nothing more than their husband took the picture because he happened upon it and thought it was interesting!
My research brought me to your page (and a few others) but I could not find anything specific.
The slide was taken either on the Boston and Maine RR or the Penn Central RR (former New Haven) in Lowell but it doesn't really tell us which way the flat is going.
Looking at the picture I can see tail damage like it may have had a hard landing crumbling the fuselage near the exhaust. I also noticed near the exhaust it is stenciled "A-4C." I know "AD" on the tail is for VF/VA-44 out of Florida which was inactivated in May 1970.
Could this be from an accident earlier than 1969-70 and it only got around to being scrapped/disposed of because VA-44's inactivation and no other unit wanting it on their property books and/or the outgoing commander of VA-44 getting it scrapped as a way of getting it off the property books easier.
I just thought it was interesting that it was in Massachusetts and since it is most likely potentially scrap that it was "loaded with care." Any ideas? (I think that the buyer could have been a northern scrap yard).
[Webmaster: BuNo 145084 A-4C stricken on 29APR1969. Last service assignment was 23 OCT1967 with VA-44 at NAS Cecil Field FL. Wilfred Roberge 5/28/2015]

Marana Airport AZ Grp1 on 07NOV2015.


Marana Airport AZ Grp2 on 07NOV2015.


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