RR Access

Ready Room Access

Our hosting service crashed our site by moving our files, but not our databases, to a different server. They were very slow in resolving the issue so we moved our site to a new hosting service. Unfortunately we could not, due to technical reasons, move the Association members login information that allows their access to the Ready Room. Members who attempt to login into the new web site should try to use their last name plus their zip code, all lower case and in one word, for their login id. The password to use will be their phone number, no dashes. Once logged in, the member can change their login id if they wish, and if they change it they should then save it and logout. Logging back in with their new login id; they can then change their password. Do not attempt to change the login id and password in the same session. IF the above login method does not work, contact rr-access@a4skyhawk.net
We have over 800 members, and any one wishing to volunteer to assist in supporting our new web site contact webmaster@a4skyhawk.net - basic computer skills such as cut and paste is all you need, and demands on your time will be minimal.

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