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Pilot, Copilot, Navigator, Bombadier, Gunner all in one seat.

Control Stick Grip
Using one to Fly

THE LEVER for stopping!


05/03/2014 Dave Dollarhide wrote: The "serrated switch" (which I've circled in the attached photo) operated a mechanical lock for the gear handle. The ordies would use this switch all the time to put the airplane in "air" mode when checking out weapons release hand to move the serrated switch, the other to raise the handle. Of course, when they did that, there would be no hydraulic pressure and the gear pins would be installed, but sometimes they would forget and leave it up. It was one big reason to check that the gear handle was down during preflight...lesson that was reinforced with me one those gear pins and so did my PC! Hide



A-4L Throttle Assembly: Tony Yaeger, an aviation parts collector, sent the Association some photos asking for an id on the below throttle assembly. The results of the investigation are:
The Alfa and Bravo had a protected "Air Start" Switch, but not in the configuration shown here.
The Charlie had the "Air Start" Switch but the presence of a "Spoiler" Switch rules out the Charlie.
The "Comm - Mike" Switch configuration rules out the Mike and the T Birds.
The presence of a "Air Start" Switch rules out the Echo and Foxtrot. And there is no "Nose Wheel Steering" Switch, that also rules out the Foxtrot.
Since the Lima was a reworked Charlie, with spoilers retrofitted, this throttle fits the criteria for a A-4Lima.


T-Bird console layout.

TA-4J 158137 Forward Left Console TA-4J 158137 Aft Left Console TA-4J 158137 Aft Left Console    



TA-4J 152853 cockpit from Bud Southworth, Webmaster Emeritus.



What they can do while in the cockpit.

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